The town library, founded in 1964., houses over 41000 units. Since 1988., the library has been the custodian of the legacy library of Boško Šiljegović, WWII hero, which, inter alia, includes a lithograph of the legendary Pablo Picasso titled “Autoportrait – the Head of a Man”. The lithograph, as part of the permanent display, is exhibited in the Town Library. Entrance is free.

In the Municipality, there are cultural associations and arts societies: SP and KD Prosvjeta, BZK Preporod, KUD Knešpolje from Knežica, KUD Una and KUD Mladostfrom Međeđa. Within  Prosvjeta, there are also the drama studio “Artist” and singing company “Višnjić”. Since 2005., an ethno-group “Moštanica” has been active with the aim to preserve and raise awareness about traditional vocal heritage. The associations have been enriching and advancing cultural life of the Municipality for many years.

In town, there is also a modernly equipped cinema-theater hall with 278 seats, showcasing regular film screenings, visiting theater troops as well as local amateur groups, concerts and literary evenings throughout the year.