The territory of Kozarska Dubica has been known for its thermal and mineral water springs since ancient times. The first mineral water spring in Mlječanica was discovered by locals digging wells on their lands. The first certificate of its curative properties was issued in Vienna in 1924. while the first account goes back to 1888. and an Austrian scientist E. Ludwig. Nowadays, around the spring there is a specialized institution for physical medicine and rehabilitation Mlječanica. Modern equipment, professional staff, a natural enviroment and the spring of sulphide water completely justify its basic motto “nature repays with health”. In the hospital, they successfully treat rhematic and neurological illnesses, post-trauma and post-surgery conditions, they also prevent and treat osteoporosis, and many other diseases.

Hospital for physical medicien and rehabilitation Mlječanica
79247 Međuvođe, Kozarska Dubica
PBX Operator: +387 (0) 52 444 094 , 444 102
Management: +387 (0) 52 444 100, 444 101   Fax: 445 002

Accomodation in single, double and triple rooms and suites is offered in the main building and the nearby bungalow resort. In an AC-equipped amphitheatre with 100 seats and related equipment, many professional and scientific gatherings and congresses are held. The participants are served food in the adjacent restaurant with 150 seats.