The beautiful Zepter Hotel, very modern in design, is located in the centre of Kozarska Dubica right on the bank of the river Una. Its visual beauty enhances the appearance of the town. In terms of amenities and services, it is superb and has rightly been awarded four stars. The idea behind the architecture and interior design was to make this hotel one of a kind, but at the same time recognisable in what it offers in any other hotel.  The synthesis of many different elements is similarly striking: the harmony between the hotel’s natural setting and its state-of-the-art design, minimalism and warmth, seriousness and pleasure.

With 18 double rooms, 5 suites and 3 de luxe suites. Conference room with 200 seats, club restaurant, Italian restaurant Lido Café Patisseria, wellness and spa center, fitness, parking.

Svetosavska  2
Tel: +387 (0) 52 424 242